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Dr. Alma Mesquita, FNP, was born in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. She graduated from Pace University in New York in 2004, with a specialty in family medicine. Ms. Mesquita is certified in all the cosmetic procedures she performs including licensing in natural skin care formulation.


Since 2011, Ms. Mesquita started incorporating cosmetic and aesthetics into her medical practice. She traveled all over the world researching and incorporating the BEST aesthetic products and innovative cosmetic procedures, a proven science of results, safety, and client satisfaction. Ms. Alma Mesquita, NP, have developed a signature line of treatment protocols and products, exclusively for the clients of BanaSpa.


After nine years of remarkable growth, I am ready to branch out my cosmetic/aesthetic venture from my medical practice to an independent practice. Inspired by the beauty rituals of my Taino ancestors, I created BanaSpa. Bana means "Grand Place." It is an oba to our body, mind, and spirit. BanaSpa is an authentic inner search for equilibrium.


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